1. Introduction to an Alternative View on Nutrition #LowCarb

For the past 30 years or so, Healthy Eating has been actively promoted by governments, public health professions with support from the food industries. It is now evident many people are actively implementing the dietary recommendations. Despite this, the incidence of obesity continues to increase to such an extent that it is now regarded as a major public health issue. Because of this apparent anomaly I have conducted a detailed investigation into the scientific evidence which forms the basis of the conventional dietary guidelines.

The more I explored the more convinced I became that the current advice on Healthy Eating is fundamentally flawed.

In fact it is highly likely that this advice is not only ineffective but is actually responsible for the increasing incidence of many of the diseases which are prevalent in our society to-day.

I have built up a huge volume of information which I believe would be of great interest to many people and so I have decided to share this through my blog. The key issues which I intend to address will include the following:

  • Reasons why much of the current advice on Healthy Eating is wrong
  • Explanations of key research which leads to the conclusions that
    a)      Fat in the diet is not a health issue
    b)      The real danger from a dietary perspective is carbohydrates
  • Outline the very simple changes that can easily be made your regular diet, which will improve your prospects of enjoying a long and healthy life.

At the outset I must emphasise that I am totally independent and have no hidden vested interest. My sole purpose is to present objective information which is based on careful evaluation of the relevant background and scientific evidence.

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