I was brought up in Co. Wexford and had most of my education in Belfast finishing off with degrees in Chemistry and Agricultural Chemistry from Queen’s University. I spent 5 years at the National Institute for Research in Dairying and was awarded a PhD b from the University of Reading. This was followed by a period at the University of Bradford, where I established the Food Policy Research Unit. The main focus of the Unit was to conduct research various issues related to the production and consumption of food. In 1990 I started a business Verner Wheelock Associates, which provides HACCP training and consultancy for food companies.

The business is now managed by my daughter Alison, while I spend most of my time campaigning for a total re-vamp of the official healthy eating recommendations that recognise the benefits of a diet based on a diet low in sugar/ carbohydrates and high in healthy fats  (Low Carb. High Fat / LCHF).

I add to my blog fairly regularly and have recently completed my book, which is entitled:

“Healthy Eating” – The Big Mistake (available at Amazon)

The big problem is that many people are very confused about what exactly is meant by “Healthy Eating”. The comment I hear time and time again is “I don’t know who to believe”. I am absolutely convinced that the official advice to “base meals on carbohydrates” is totally wrong. For individuals who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, the impact is to cause further deterioration. By contrast those who adopt an LCHF diet invariably improve their health and many can come off drugs altogether.

So I am keen to disseminate reliable information on all aspects of diet and health. There are very powerful commercial and professional interests that wish to maintain the status quo because it is to their advantage. If patients can overcome their conditions by changing their diet the demand for drugs will be reduced substantially.

I want to encourage people to interact by sharing their experiences so that they can help to spread the word. Make no mistake, we are in the middle of a major struggle to achieve change. To succeed, we will have to create pressure from the grassroots. I hope my blog will make a small contribution and that others will be persuaded to join the fray.

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