Author: VWheelock

306. Opioids

It only within the last few months that I have been made aware of the huge scandal that arises from the promotion, sales and use of the painkillers, opioids in the USA. It has been described by Time Magazine as “the deadliest...

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  • @ThatTimWalker All the more reason why my question should be answered!
    about 1 hour ago
  • @ThatTimWalker This my be a naive question. Have Dominic Cummins and Boris, for that matter, been cleared by securi…
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  • @TaiIbitoyeRD Are you the author of this article? If so, I am sure many of us would be delighted to hear your response.
    about 20 hours ago
  • No wonder T2D is rife. "I’m a Dietician – These Are My 11 Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes"
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  • NICE is still advocating CICO to achieve and maintain healthy weight, including: base meals on starchy foods such a…
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