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290. More Insight into Diet and Cancer

The Warburg Effect It is clear that diet plays a major role in the development of cancer and that a change in diet may sometimes play a part in treatments that are successful. Otto Warburg has proposed that cancer cells depend...

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76 Diabetes Can Be Conquered!

Diabetes is essentially excessive glucose in the blood. In the normal course of events insulin is produced by the pancreas which prevents the build up of blood glucose. In Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) there is an inherent weakness in...

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  • "Deaths in own homes have seen an excess of 23,619 since week 14, a similar number to the 23,005 excess deaths in… https://t.co/B9dyFaFqoO
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  • @bushell_jeb It is all here. “There is a lack of substantiated evidence to support claims that facemasks protect ei… https://t.co/WeL9IrQ505
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  • This must be obvious to anyone who has ever worked in a lab. Government is making policy on useless/worthless infor… https://t.co/zHZmPMnVWT
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  • Three cheers for this lady from Barnsley who talks more sense than all the Government and its pathetic advisers. https://t.co/AakHt42qrr
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  • @bushell_jeb So what is the justification for using masks in public?
    about 2 days ago