47. Anticancer

“Anticancer: a new way of life” is the title of a book written by Dr David Servan-Schreiber, who was clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine(1). At the age of 31 years the author was diagnosed with brain cancer. This stimulated him to investigate various methods and approaches to overcome …

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20. Latest Study on the Mediterranean Diet

  A recent study conducted in Spain has been hailed by many commentators in the media as further evidence of the benefits of a Mediterranean-type diet (1).  This is the PREDIMED trial in which the effects of 3 different diets were compared with respect to the incident rates of various diseases and al-cause-mortality. The participants …

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18.Stearic Acid is Good for You!

Stearic acid is a long chain saturated fatty acid which contains 18 carbon atoms. According to an article in the Daily Mail: “emerging evidence suggests not all saturated fat should be tarred with the same brush — one type of saturated fat, known as stearic acid, may actually protect the heart against disease.” (1) However …

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15. Are Polyunsaturates Good for You ?

  It is virtually impossible to avoid the incessant advertising which proclaims the virtues of various food products which are high in PUFAs(polyunsaturated fatty acids). Invariably the message is that these are “healthy” because they will lower blood cholesterol(TC). In Blog 8 I have explained that the rationale used to support the case for reducing …

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