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233. Time for the ‘Flu Jab?

I have just had a letter from my GP, which informs me that: “Flu vaccination provides the best protection against an unpredictable virus, which infects many people and may cause serious illness and deaths each year.” The NHS...

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  • @julestw9 Absolute nonsense.
    about 16 hours ago
  • @julestw9 There are several articles!! Here is an accurate account of how Sweden has coped very successfully WITHOU…
    about 21 hours ago
  • @drsimonegold @btysonmd If governments were genuinely interested in controlling the disease, they would respond pos…
    about 22 hours ago
  • @drsimonegold @Vimeo This is an absolute disgrace. If anyone needs to be convinced we are are being subjected to ma…
    about 22 hours ago
  • @julestw9 There is lots of evidence based on experience in many countries to show that lockdowns do not work. Unfor…
    about 22 hours ago