117. Statins: Email to Julian Smith MP

Good Morning Julian,

I have just posted this article on my blog at

https://vernerwheelock.com/?p=569   More details of the damaging effects of statins will be found at http://www.spacedoc.com/statin_side_effects

My primary concern is the fact that such a large number of perfectly healthy people are suffering serious ill-health even though NICE accepts that it will not improve their health in any way. I contend that this is totally unjustified and unacceptable.

The reality is that 100s of thousands (maybe even millions) of people are being damaged by statins when the vast majority  of them do not benefit in any way. There is no doubt that there is manipulation of the results conducted by the drug companies to play up the advantages and play down the undesirable side-effects of statins. (See https://vernerwheelock.com/?p=545  and https://vernerwheelock.com/?p=528)

This issue has all the hallmarks of other scandals which have come to light recently such as Rotherham, Stafford Hospital or Hillsborough. The only difference is that much larger numbers of people are involved. There is no doubt that NICE is a major part of the problem. I believe that for a start some of the parliamentary committees should conduct a detailed investigation into the role of NICE and its relationship with the drug companies. This email is a formal request to you to place this information with the Parliamentary Committees for Public Accounts, Science and Technology and Health in the hope that they will take appropriate action. Please take any other measure you think would be effective.

All the factual information is based on thoroughly reliable sources and I believe that this issue must be addressed sooner rather than later. Let us hope that this will not be another scandal that drags on and on for years because nobody in a position to act would listen !!!

A copy of this email is being sent to the Craven Herald and I will also be placing the information on my blog at https://vernerwheelock.com/

I look forward to hearing your response.

Very Best Wishes



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