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233. Time for the ‘Flu Jab?

I have just had a letter from my GP, which informs me that: “Flu vaccination provides the best protection against an unpredictable virus, which infects many people and may cause serious illness and deaths each year.” The NHS...

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  • @Ga1tJohn Absolutely correct.
    about 6 mins ago
  • Paracetamol is a fever-reducing painkiller. This was given in high doses to prevent a response to the vaccination.… https://t.co/gGQ8XE2BiP
    about 9 mins ago
  • The study is published in The Lancet. This shows that because the side effects initially were so severe, all the su… https://t.co/Q3iy9knHtI
    about 11 mins ago
  • In 20% to 25% of the cases, the side effects were so extreme that people had enormous swelling, fever, chills, head… https://t.co/pt8dTJvhwS
    about 13 mins ago
  • The reality is that in phase 2 of one of the Oxford trial, a relatively small number of English volunteers were vac… https://t.co/IKetyHqyqv
    about 13 mins ago