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Tag: Government Recommendations

171. Bad Science

In an ideal world, the various checks and balances that are applied would ensure that information presented in the scientific journals, especially those regarded as prestigious, is sound and reliable. Unfortunately there is...

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  • If UK gov should be aware of the content of this blog please Tweet to Jeremy Hunt @Jeremy_Hunt
    about 21 mins ago
  • The remarkable work of Dr Bernstein on T1D. Should be of great value to all those with T1D (and T2D).
    about 41 mins ago
  • Government reliance on the so-called "experts" has resulted in nutrition policies that have been disastrous.
    about 1 hour ago
  • How on earth can statins be evaluated properly if all the info is not out in the open? Cochrane please note!
    about 1 hour ago
  • Low level of Vitamin D probably contributes many types of disease and ill-health.
    about 2 hours ago