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293. Treating Type 2 Diabetes (T2D)

I have just noticed a paper, which was designed to compare an intensive lifestyle intervention with standard care for the treatment of T2D. A secondary objective was to study the impact on the amount of medication used for,...

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289. Root Cause Analysis

Background Food safety is a serious business. If a company produces a food item that is subsequently found to have harmed those who consume it, this is very bad news. Customers lose faith and sales are likely to suffer. Even...

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259. Diabetes is a Flood of Sugar

A flooded house If you are unlucky enough to be flooded at home because of a burst water pipe, the first thing you would do is to locate the source and stop the water coming in as fast as possible. You would be absolutely...

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264. The Failure of Government

One of the greatest scandals of modern times is the advice offered by the mainstream medical and healthcare professionals to those who are diagnosed with both Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and Type 2 (T2D). With respect to diet, they...

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255. If I had Cancer Diagnosed

To the best of my knowledge I do not suffer from any kind of cancer but sadly it is very common and I know many people who have this disease. Several are no longer with us. The reality is that despite the huge efforts devoted to...

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  • @DietHeartNews Professional negligence IMHO. These people are supposed to know their subject but seem to continue i… https://t.co/k9XXDnbnyy
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  • @Ga1tJohn Absolutely correct.
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  • Paracetamol is a fever-reducing painkiller. This was given in high doses to prevent a response to the vaccination.… https://t.co/gGQ8XE2BiP
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  • The study is published in The Lancet. This shows that because the side effects initially were so severe, all the su… https://t.co/Q3iy9knHtI
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  • In 20% to 25% of the cases, the side effects were so extreme that people had enormous swelling, fever, chills, head… https://t.co/pt8dTJvhwS
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