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  • @Chrisbluemoon89 There are so many false positives as well as positives which are NOT infectious that any test resu…
    about 27 mins ago
  • @stephenpowell08 What a shambles! No basis for currrent restrictions. You just could not make it up. "PCR positiv…
    about 30 mins ago
  • @FatEmperor That is £3B as I reported in my blog on New Year's Eve 2016!
    about 1 day ago
  • @ProfTimNoakes Have a good look at the two different ways of presenting the Covid-10 data. Perhaps the panic is all…
    about 3 days ago
  • @Charlotte3003G Why does he not instruct us all to stay at home in case we get knocked down crossing the road?
    about 6 days ago