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280. The Failure of Academia

The dietary guidelines fiasco It is now absolutely clear that the official dietary recommendations promulgated by WHO and many different nations are fundamentally flawed. The advice to limit the intake of fat, and saturated fat...

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278. Brexit. Be Prepared

The insight of Dr Richard North Brexit will have an enormous impact on society and the economy here in the UK and the fall-out will also affect other countries, especially Ireland. The outcome of the current negotiations will be...

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  • @Chrisbluemoon89 There are so many false positives as well as positives which are NOT infectious that any test resu…
    about 15 mins ago
  • @stephenpowell08 What a shambles! No basis for currrent restrictions. You just could not make it up. "PCR positiv…
    about 19 mins ago
  • @FatEmperor That is £3B as I reported in my blog on New Year's Eve 2016!
    about 1 day ago
  • @ProfTimNoakes Have a good look at the two different ways of presenting the Covid-10 data. Perhaps the panic is all…
    about 3 days ago
  • @Charlotte3003G Why does he not instruct us all to stay at home in case we get knocked down crossing the road?
    about 6 days ago