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263. No Way to Run an Airline

For some time, I have been interested in the different approaches to the personal safety by airlines and the medical profession. If you travel by air, you can be confident that safety is paramount, especially when using...

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258. Brexit: the Food Dimension

This topic may seem a long way from the usual issues that I deal with in my blogs. However there are convincing reasons to believe that the approach adopted by Theresa May and the UK Government will be a disaster of mammoth...

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  • @peterpalmer52 I think you need to keep taking them regularly. I take 1500mg of Vitamin C every day, apart from what is present in my food.
    about 1 day ago
  • @MrChris07929358 @peterpalmer52 I think that is the case. In the same way that the Vitamin D recommendations are ba…
    about 1 day ago
  • @peterpalmer52 Hi Peter, the RDI is far too low. For prevention, you would need to take 1-2 grams. For treatment/cu…
    about 1 day ago
  • This was reported in1999! "Results: Overall, reported flu and cold symptoms in the test group decreased 85% compare…
    about 1 day ago
  • @Kenn_FFCI @fatisourfriend The sloppy thinking is unbelievable! All this from those who are regarded as the leaders…
    about 4 days ago