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267. The Salt Fix

The full title of this book by Dr James DINicolantonio is “The Salt Fix: Why the Experts Got it All Wrong and How Eating More Might Save Your Life”, which has just been published (1). I have been convinced for some time that the...

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52. More about Salt

In my last post (Blog 51) I explained how the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has been re-evaluating the evidence on the relationship between salt and health. This was initiated because of growing doubts about the current...

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  • @dawnwaldron @ion_nutrition As this diagram dhows clearly.
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  • @dawnwaldron This approach is much better than epidemiology, which is dependent on assessing food consumption patte…
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  • @dawnwaldron If this is accepted then one of the key dietary recommendations is to limit the consumption of sugar a…
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