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Category: Health policy

264. The Failure of Government

One of the greatest scandals of modern times is the advice offered by the mainstream medical and healthcare professionals to those who are diagnosed with both Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and Type 2 (T2D). With respect to diet, they...

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  • The murky history behind fluoridation.
    about 36 mins ago
  • #Statins provide false reassurances that may discourage patients from taking the steps that actually reduce CVD.
    about 56 mins ago
  • Risk of dying in hospital equals that of soldier in Afghanistan.
    about 1 hour ago
  • #Statins have minimal benefit while side-effects have never been quantified properly.
    about 2 hours ago
  • Many people who comply with official advice on salt may be suffering from a deficiency.
    about 2 hours ago