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152. You Must Be Nuts!

I have just been watching the video entitled “You must be nuts!” which has been made by Obhi Chatterjee and colleagues. It can be viewed on You Tube here: The stimulus for this video was to try to understand why Obhi’s father...

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  • @CBRooooney Some more data here:
    about 21 mins ago
  • This does not look good,especially as it is early days.
    about 36 mins ago
  • @Francis_Hoar Who could possibly want to take advantage of those in poor health and at the risk of dying to make shedloads of cash?
    about 46 mins ago
  • @Francis_Hoar Ivermectin is probably a much better bet for dealing with Covid than vaccines. Any suggestions why not?
    about 48 mins ago
  • "Covid infection shown to provide as much immunity as vaccines" Why lockdown?? It makes no sense, even without fact…
    about 1 hour ago