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280. The Failure of Academia

The dietary guidelines fiasco It is now absolutely clear that the official dietary recommendations promulgated by WHO and many different nations are fundamentally flawed. The advice to limit the intake of fat, and saturated fat...

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279. Statins in Women

Most evidence based on studies in men The case for the widespread use of statins is extremely flimsy. The trials that provide the justification have been subject to detailed criticisms (1). In any event most of them were...

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278. Brexit. Be Prepared

The insight of Dr Richard North Brexit will have an enormous impact on society and the economy here in the UK and the fall-out will also affect other countries, especially Ireland. The outcome of the current negotiations will be...

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  • A devastating critique of the testing of statins which reveals how the data are manipulated to justify their usage.
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  • If you are a woman advised to go on #statins, then read this first.
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  • The dangers of raised blood glucose. Increased death rate due to all causes including cancer. Eat less carbs.
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  • Anyone with T1D should be familiar with the work of Dr Richard Bernstein. T2Ds can also benefit
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  • One more example of data misrepresentation to justify healthy eating dogma.
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