60. A Public Health Catastrophe

60. A Public Health Catastrophe The UK government is currently gung ho about the “Responsibility Deal” in which various food companies have agreed to reduce saturated fat levels in a range of products in order to comply with the...



  • Cancer cells need steady supply of glucose to thrive. Cancer patients should limit sugar/carbs to absolute minimum. https://t.co/bID3NBtwdk
    about 35 mins ago
  • Excellent TEDx talk by Dr. Sarah Hallberg, who shows how T2D can be reversed by ignoring the dietary guidelines. https://t.co/S1za5smzHj
    about 55 mins ago
  • Be very careful with vitamin and mineral supplements. May do more harm than good. https://t.co/wUIcCTyFiX
    about 1 hour ago
  • Why do dietitians continue to recommend carbs when they are not essential nutrients? https://t.co/wmXN8bNwv3
    about 2 hours ago
  • Many medical treatments and procedures are based on research that should not have any credibility. https://t.co/MXLeMIUyqe
    about 2 hours ago