306. Opioids

It only within the last few months that I have been made aware of the huge scandal that arises from the promotion, sales and use of the painkillers, opioids in the USA. It has been described by Time Magazine as “the deadliest...

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60. A Public Health Catastrophe

60. A Public Health Catastrophe The UK government is currently gung ho about the “Responsibility Deal” in which various food companies have agreed to reduce saturated fat levels in a range of products in order to comply with the...



  • Now seen original paper. It shows that there were 1.5 CVD events/1000 person-years in the "optimal" group and 1.6 i… https://t.co/PKZu7VahzO
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  • @orangebobevil It just so happens that the Mail today highlights the fact that many drugs are tested primarily on m… https://t.co/jFcuHLvPrV
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  • @orangebobevil @Rooftopvegplot Quite right Alan. The HUNT 2 study (and others) show that those who comply with the… https://t.co/zKJQfzf28Z
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  • @Dave06031956 @zoeharcombe This all based on the false assumptions that lowering total cholesterol and LDL is benef… https://t.co/ksKHrg3jYA
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  • @zoeharcombe We get this from BBC "Statins 'don't work well for one in two people' " even though the trials show th… https://t.co/3GeBzqqmW8
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