306. Opioids

It only within the last few months that I have been made aware of the huge scandal that arises from the promotion, sales and use of the painkillers, opioids in the USA. It has been described by Time Magazine as “the deadliest...

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60. A Public Health Catastrophe

60. A Public Health Catastrophe The UK government is currently gung ho about the “Responsibility Deal” in which various food companies have agreed to reduce saturated fat levels in a range of products in order to comply with the...



  • How many have been caused by following the official guidlines to REDUCE FAT and INCREASE CARBS? https://t.co/OE5YwBkn4l
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  • How many of these amputations could have been avoided if the people had been advised to reduce their intake of carb… https://t.co/C0OjFLJkd0
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  • Garth Lane went on to say that: "The probability that I will avoid nasty side effects is 100%."
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  • "At my age (50+), and free of heart disease with a cholesterol level higher than the recommended level, I am quite… https://t.co/6dnGAbRxPN
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  • Pertinent quote from a hard-nosed actuary, Garth Lane, in 2011: "I will continue to enjoy a full English breakfast… https://t.co/gnyVWO5KkA
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