60. A Public Health Catastrophe

60. A Public Health Catastrophe The UK government is currently gung ho about the “Responsibility Deal” in which various food companies have agreed to reduce saturated fat levels in a range of products in order to comply with the...



  • Why does @DiabetesUK not recognise the excellent work of Dr Unwin@lowcarbGP in reversing T2D with low carb diets? https://t.co/5UGJZUzTsR
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  • Duane Graveline has passed on but his great work lives on. Essential reading for all #statin users. https://t.co/vYcqYcr22X
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  • Lyon Heart Study shows death rate down by over 50% with dietary change. Much superior to statins: no side effects. https://t.co/yeKYv21OLa
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  • Beware of insulin when used to treat T2D. Minimal benefits but there may be adverse side effects, including weight… https://t.co/FI97S11QUQ
    about 1 hour ago
  • The USA has exhorbitant expenditure on medicine/healthcare but relatively poor public health. https://t.co/gPOlFI5s0t
    about 2 hours ago